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Package Engineering

BMSC is a company built by Engineers and supported by Engineers. From Packaging to Processing to Industrial Design, our Engineering team is able to support a wide array of capabilities. In Package Engineering, our experts work with packaging suppliers to ensure that your package works the way it was intended. If you’re a large company with a team of engineers, we can align our methods to ensure we’re testing to the standards set by your team. If you’re a middle market company, we will help to develop component specifications and processes to ensure your customer get a consistent experience each and every time.

Packaging Design and Rapid Prototyping

BMSC supports packaging design and engineering through 3D modeling and specification review. We ensure that the design will work with our equipment or design equipment that will fill the package efficiently.

  • Rapid Prototyping through 3D Printing
  • Label design and placement
  • Folding carton design
  • Shipper sizing
  • Pallet design

Package Design

A beautiful package is not enough if the formula falls apart because the wrong material was used. Our team performs robust compatibility testing at both the Lab or Pilot level to ensure the product works as promised.

  • Temperature and Humidity Testing
  • Vacuum Testing
  • Freeze/Thaw Testing
  • Force Removal or Torque Testing
  • Weight Loss

Ship Ready Testing

The world has changed thanks to the amazing internet retailers that ship products all across the world. We’re facing the challenges this creates head on by testing products using Ship-Ready Standards if you need.

  • Transit Simulators and Vibration Tables
  • Top Load Testing
  • Drop Testing
  • Seal and Vacuum Testing
  • Pressure Testing Seals

Production Support

Beautiful design and robust testing doesn’t mean much if the product can’t be produced and delivered. Package Engineering support the operations and the production teams through

  • Line Trials
  • 3D Puck Printing
  • Equipment Design and Validation
  • In-Process Testing Equipment
  • -Zwick Testing
  • -Drop Testing
  • -Vaccum Seal Testing
  • -Hardness Testing For Hot Pout
  • -Sheer Testing

Packaging Lab

Our packaging lab utilizes the latest technology available to aid in the design and testing of our products. Notable equipment includes:

  • Two 3D printers in house to design custom components
  • Transit testing simulators
  • Validated package compatibility testing chambers with temperature and humidity control

On-Site Testing

Through our packaging lab, BMSC offers a wide range of on-site testing capabilities to meet the needs of our customers, including:

  • Transit testing
  • Top load testing
  • Vacuum seal testing
  • Drop testing for lipsticks, pressed powders, and finished goods in shippers
  • Torque testing
  • Wall thickness verification
  • Hardness testing for hot pour products
  • Sheer testing for stick style packaging
  • Compatibility testing