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Research & Innovation

Meet our R&I Team
Meet our R&I Team

Our Promise

Developing products is a process. Each partner, each consumer, and each person looks for different attributes and results from their products. Our job is to align those desires and create something amazing.

Innovation Process

Trend analysis allows our R&I team to bring incredible insight to each project. This is accomplished by reviewing market data through:

  • Mintel
  • IRI
  • Nielsen
  • Social Media

Our development process differs from project to project. However, we have the capability to truly innovate novel products and have experience developing concepts and thoroughly reviewing formulas to meet our customers’ expectations. Whatever the concept, we provide the flexibility to meet your goals.

Scalability in mind

At BMSC, we have dedicated two distinct labs for Skincare, Haircare, and Color Cosmetics research. Each lab contains scaled versions of production equipment to facilitate the scale-up process. After formula approval and before pilot batching, each of our formulas are prepared in these scaled vessels in order to identify any potential scale-up issues and to create proper compounding instructions that hold true in our larger compounding vessels.


  • Patented anti-aging, acne, eczema, and baby care products
  • Micellar water, bi-phase, liquid, and cream cleansers
  • Toners, serums, and lotions
  • Lip balms, masks, and scrubs
  • Bodycare products, such as body mists, washes, scrubs, and butters


  • Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Powdered Dry Shampoo
  • Hair Serums, Masks, Mists, and Sprays

Color Cosmetics

  • Hot Pour products like lipsticks, cream eye shadows, and cream-to-powder foundations
  • Liquid, cream, and stick foundations
  • Loose and Pressed Powders like eye shadows, finishing powders, blush, and highlighters

Claim Substantiation

BMSC collaborates with testing labs across the country and our knowledgeable team oversees and aids in the design of clinical studies to provide substantiation of specific marketing claims. Through this collaboration, we’re able to support our customers by substantiating any claims they may wish to make, such as tear-free, moisturization, and OTC claims.

Global Partnerships

Teamwork and collaboration has always been a priority for BMSC, which is why we have an alliance partnership with Cosmecca Korea. This allows us access to true K-Beauty innovation with no delay through manufacturing and technology transfer from Korea, China, and Japan.