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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website. Beauty Manufacturing Solutions Corporation is a straight forward name. It defines what we do, that is the manufacturing of beauty products and providing solutions to the challenges our customers face. But, it does not define how we do it. And that is, with love…

Just kidding. While we do love our customers, how we do it is just as straight forward as our name. We focus on quality and efficiency. We invest in innovation, both new products and new processes. Finally, we recognize that our most important asset is the team that executes those initiatives each day. This simple formula has allowed us stand behind our products and our promises for over twenty years.

During that time, we have built lasting partnerships with incredible brands and created amazing products that have graced the pages of many magazines. Several years ago, I asked my father about starting BMSC. He laughed and told me that if he had known how difficult it would be, he would never have done it. Watching him build this company, I understand what he means. The hard work that comes with keeping promises to customers and ensuring the team is happy is a labor of love and one in which my father has never wavered. In that way, perhaps BMSC is a company that is built with love and on the principle that we can continue to improve.

The pursuit to improve is why BMSC continues to invest in ourselves. Our plant continues to expand each year with new capabilities and the construction of a new building in 2020. Along with the advances in technology and space, we are adding new teammates, people who will grow with our organization and support the company for the next twenty years.

During the next twenty years, BMSC will undoubtedly evolve into very different company than we are today, but our core principles will never change. Our focus on quality, innovation and teamwork will shape our future, today and always.


Peter Song

Peter Song