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Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities focus on supporting our strategic partners through multiple product segments. Whether our partners need to manufacture customer directed products, turnkey products, or items that require a high degree of specialization and investment, our facility is able to meet your needs all under one roof. Our facility houses three distinct and segregated manufacturing areas, encompassing emulsion, liquid product, and color cosmetic manufacturing.

Emulsion Manufacturing


Our emulsion compounding area houses fourteen true process vessels ranging in the following sizes:

  • 100 kg
  • 300 kg
  • 500 kg
  • 1,000 kg
  • 2,000 kg
  • 4,000 kg
  • 7,500 kg
  • 10,000 kg
  • 15,000 kg
  • 20,000 kg

Each vessel has a CIP pressure vacuum vessel design and include high efficiency mixing by use of integrated scrapers and homogenizers. These vessels are able to compound any type of emulsion products, including lotions, butters, cleansers, scrubs, serums, as well as OTC products.


Our emulsion filling area currently operates thirteen filling lines:

  • 3 High-Speed Rotary Filling Lines
  • 3 High-Speed Tube Lines
  • 1 High-Speed Spinning Jar Filling Line
  • 3 Medium Speed Inline Filling Lines
  • 3 Low/Medium Cell Lines

These filling lines are able to accommodate sizes ranging from 0.5 to 64 oz and fill a wide range of packaging types, including jars, bottles, vials, tubes, and custom shaped packaging. Advanced features include rapid change over, in-line bottle/jar descramblers, spinning jar fillers, as well as automated cartoning, labeling, and barcoding.

Liquid Manufacturing


Our liquid compounding area houses ten jacketed and insulated chilled vessels, ranging in the following sizes:

  • 800 kg
  • 3,500 kg
  • 8,000 kg

This compounding area is explosion proof and has a Class 1 Division 1 design, which provides negative air pressure, as well as adequate ventilation and air turnover. This area is specifically designed to compound any completely liquid and/or volatile products, such as fragrances, toners, micellar water, and bi-phase micellar cleansers.


Our liquid filling area currently operates four fill lines:

  • 2 Vacuum Filling Lines
  • 1 High Speed Filling Line
  • 1 High Speed Bi-Phase Line

These filling lines are able to accommodate a wide size range, from 1 oz to 24 oz, and fill bottles and vials of various shapes and sizes. Advanced features include bi-phase filling, high-speed filling, in-line bottle cleaning, rapid change over, and automated cartoning.

Color Manufacturing


Our color compounding area houses six liquid/emulsion color processing vessels, with a pressure/vacuum design, ranging in the following sizes:

  • 25 kg
  • 50 kg
  • 125 kg
  • 250 kg
  • 400 kg
  • 500 kg

In addition to these vessels, our vast color compounding area also houses several powder processing vessels and pigment processing mills, including:

  • 2 Hammer Mills
  • 2 Portable Hammer Mills
  • 1 Jet Mill
  • 1 Pin Mill
  • 2 Roller Mills
  • 1 Ball Mill

These areas are designed to compound any color products, such as liquid foundations, CTP foundations, powder foundations, CC creams, mascaras, lipstick, eye shadows, and blushes.


Our liquid filling area currently operates ten fill lines:

  • 1 High Speed Hot Pour Compact Line
  • 1 Low Speed Hot Pour Compact Line
  • 1 High Speed Lipstick Line
  • 1 Low Speed Lipstick Line
  • 1 High Speed Foundation Filling Line
  • 1 Low Speed Foundation Filling Line
  • 1 Mascara Filling Line
  • 1 Loose Powder Filling Line
  • 2 Powder Pressing Lines

These lines are designed to fill any and all types of color products, including liquid foundations, pressed powders, hot pours, stick foundations, mascara, and lip care items. We also have the ability to press powders in many different configurations.

You can only know that you have a good partner when something goes wrong. A good partner stands behind their product, we stand behind our products.