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Our Story - Our Company

Quality and Competitive Pricing since 1922

Who we are

At the heart of what we are, we are a small company that specializes in manufacturing personal care products. While we are much bigger now than what we were 20 years ago or even 5 years ago, our company was built on a belief that being small meant that we had to be faster than our competition, smarter, braver and of course, nicer. We knew that in order to make it, we had to produce products that our customers needed, in time, priced right, and with the highest quality. We knew innovation meant pushing the envelope on design and thinking. Most importantly, we knew that developing relationships meant building a reputation for coming through on promises and standing behind our product. That is who we are today and how we operate every day.

How we grow

We develop and manufacture beauty care, personal care, and baby care products for leading brands across the United States. Our focus and expertise is in formulating and manufacturing innovative products that move the health and beauty care market in a new direction. We ensure our customers can compete in aggressive retail market through continuous quality control and investment into efficient manufacturing technologies.

What Makes BMSC the best manufacturer

  • BMSC is a member of the Dallas Minority and Woman Owned Business Council
  • An experienced team that knows each customer
  • Speed to market and proven record of delivering on time
  • A culture of Quality
  • Turn Key operation from development to distribution