Who we are

At the heart of what we are, we are a small company that specializes in manufacturing personal care products. While we are much bigger now than what we were 20 years ago or even 5 years ago, our company was built on a belief that being small meant that we had to be faster than our competition, smarter, braver and of course, nicer. We knew that in order to make it, we had to produce products that our customers needed, in time, priced right, and with the highest quality. We knew innovation meant pushing the envelope on design and thinking. Most importantly, we knew that developing relationships meant building a reputation for coming through on promises and standing behind our product. That is who we are today and how we operate every day.

How we grow

We develop and manufacture beauty care, personal care, and baby care products for leading brands across the United States. Our focus and expertise is in formulating and manufacturing innovative products that move the health and beauty care market in a new direction. We ensure our customers can compete in aggressive retail market through continuous quality control and investment into efficient manufacturing technologies.

  • BMSC is a member of the Dallas Minority and Woman Owned Business Council
  • An experienced team that knows each customer
  • Speed to market and proven record of delivering on time
  • A culture of Quality
  • Turn Key operation from development to distribution
  • Investment in infrastructure from equipment to technology
  • Financially sound

Our History

Over the past 90 years, our company has lived a long and rich history

  1. Our Company is Founded

    1922 -

    In 1922, a small company opened the doors to a brand new cosmetic manufacturing company. The company was named Superior Product company and employed just 20 people. It focused on its own brands, Sue Pree, SP and Superior. Much like today, Superior offered its customers a value proposition by being centrally located in Dallas, Texas and providing a superior, quality product.

  2. A State of the Art Facility

    1964 -

    After over 40 years of success, Superior expanded its operations and built a brand new state of the art factory in 1964. Located in Farmers Branch, Texas, the facility incorporated some of the newest manufacturing technologies of its time such as rotary fillers, mono block tube machines, and in-line cappers. All common technologies by today's standards, the utilization of new, efficient technologies helped to solidify Superior Products Co. as an innovator ahead of its time.

  3. A Focus On Innovation

    1995 -

    Jin Song became CEO of Superior Products in 1995. Originally a Cosmetic Formulator and Chemical Engineer, Jin refocuses the company on developing discernibly different products in skincare, fragrances, and cosmetics. With a new focus, the company began a new era in manufacturing products for both own brands and contract customers.

  4. BMSC is Born

    2006 -

    After more than a decade of growing success, the company changed its name to Beauty Manufacturing Solutions Company. The name change reflected nearly a decade of focus in developing products for top tier CPG companies and cemented its dedication to contract manufacturing.

  5. Breaking ground on the Future

    2013 -

    BMSC began investing in a new manufacturing facility in Coppell, Texas. Set to open in 2014, the new manufacturing plant carries on the tradition of innovation. With over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing, development, and warehousing, the facility will house some of the highest capacity manufacturing in the US in emulsion, alcohol, color, powder and hot pour filling.

  6. Start of a New Era

    2019 -

    Peter Song becomes the new CEO of BMSC.

    There's nothing more exciting than working with the amazing and talented team we have at BMSC. Contract Manufacturing of Personal Care products is not for the faint of heart. The demands of our global customers and the agility needs of our high growth brands require focus and dedication. It's stressful work, but made easier by a team that believes that supports each other and grows together.

  7. Focusing on Quality

    Present -

    BMSC's dedication to manufacturing products in the US has given it a strategic advantage as manufacturing shifts back to the United States. BMSC plans to focus on aggressively growing both capability and personnel as we create a team that can help our customers grow.